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วันเสาร์ที่ 16 กุมภาพันธ์ พ.ศ. 2556

Furby , Furby and Furby

      In this week, everybody in Thailand got the news about Furby buyer got cheated to  buy a cheap Furby. If you don't know what is that. Furby is kind of  a digital pet which have the behave and can react to you when you touch, feed and talk with it. It has  its own language ( it's called Furbiee Language, you can check the meaning from Furby Dictionary ). If you talk with it, it can learn your language ( Only in English ) and communicate with you. Moreover, You can connect it with the Iphone or Android app for dictionary, give more yummy food and etc.. The cool thing, the eyes are LED while my TV only Plasma.. LOL

       Furby Effect causes  Thai celeb  take it to Intragram. That's the best PRs for the product due to it booms in feel day.  The buyer in Thailand find the way to get the  great color in the cheaper price as we know Thai company must be charge 120% for the imported product. When anyone sells it cheaper and  have more color. It's allowed and goof enough for risk. So, they lose for 4-6 million baht now.

      When I saw Furby, it makes me think about  digital robotic pet that  nowadays,  the life style of Asian people change, the most condos and apartments don't allow the pet. When no good friend at home. Furby is one of the best choice coz it  reacts. However, Furby fever used to be in Thailand when I was in Jr. high school before.  I have never had it one and feel it's not my type but it's fine if anyone gives it to me. Hehhehehe...