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วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 21 กุมภาพันธ์ พ.ศ. 2556

How Hard To Write Your Life Story in the Young Age

After I stated on my facebook that I would re-write my story, again. One comment is very interesting  that " I'm old enough to to tell  about my life? " . That question is very good idea, it makes me keep writing my blog although I don't write / don't update everyday/ nobody interests to read it.  Who know next 10 years . when I return to read my blog, I might laugh or cry about my  story or maybe see the change of the word as the language or emotional symbol. :-)

I think, If I'm 10 years older, I will not have  time or no idea to write something like this. It's not negative as I have the financial crisis. I feel,  I will no idea to write about it or  I might forget what's happened when i was young. Young age should be the most interesting period because we are Asian, our young age will be the end after we are 30 years old ( Some people might feel 25-26 yr very old ) , it means we  have the young age shorter than European /American countries which people think, 30 is still young.  In the other case, I may have some part of my life more mature than people in the same age.  If you think, Sex, Drug , Roll n' Roll was the normal life for my young age . No, No, No...I used to be very very quiet and feared a stranger before. So, my perception was different from other people in the same or almost same age for sure.

One more thing . I  am a bit lucky which I was born in the period when the world was changing and US dollar only 21-22 baht/dollar and Australian dollar only 8-9 baht/dollar. I use to touch the first Nintendo, played the first gameboy in the world and enjoy with classy music in 80's + 90's . My parents watched Iraq news the whole day in early 90's. See the peak economy of Japan and Asia and bubble economy of Asia due to Tom Yum Kung Disease, got insulted by a drunk journalist about my generation when I was 9 years old.  Is it enough to write everything to be 1 story/ topic?  :-)