27 Heavens

วันศุกร์ที่ 22 กุมภาพันธ์ พ.ศ. 2556


        Thai culture makes us look nice and friendly with neighbors and foreigners. We smile and be polite with them although  they are stranger or we rare know them. It's the strongest point for  the sexy word " Siam Smile "  for us. In the other hand , it's the tragedy of the word " Friend "  (เพื่อน ( Phean ) ) in The Land of Smile. In English, Friend is a kind of Specific word and very very special , I have never heard any Native speaker uses the word Class Friend, Room Friend, Working Friend and any words about friend in their native English ( or they have? please amend me ), they uses the word as  classmate, roommate, mate, colleague , co-worker while in Thai language , we  put the word  " Friend" in every collaborated relation words as  Phean Roum Ngan ( Colleague , Co-Worker), Phen Rum Hong ( Classmate ) and etc. So, I separate  2 kinds of  Friend 

Short Term Friend :  Just know  at the bars, restaurants, trip , schools or dealing in the business. Youjust hang out together sometimes or once or twice in our life or deal for some jobs. They can come and go, missing contact, any times.  It's easy to delete on Facebook ( Mostly, I got delete ) but some can extend the relation and switch to be long.It becomes SOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW but not feel anything much.

Long Term Friend : Know a long time in the different situations. It's the up level of  Short Term  Friend but the relation more closer, keeping contact, more sharing, no cheating and supporting , and must be at least 2 years ( some people give  5 -10 years probation ). This group hasn't had the chance to switch back to be Short Term Friend,but it becomes  SOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW ,feel like shit but still have some chance to return.

      Facebook is the  great example, we always add a lot of people who we talk and know or maybe not know. If we don't know them. They delete us, it's ok while you used to do some activities, studying or work with them and they delete you after you don't have the contact with them or you still keep contact but not like a favorite one, it means that you are not important in  their life.  In the business world, I got this one in Pattaya, a lot of foreign clients call me ' Friend" while I rare know them and for sure, no more discount ;-). 

     Moreover, Friend still has the section as Biz Friend, Good Friend, Close Friend, Fuck Friend ( someone may have it ;-) ) , Real Friend,  Middle Long and Short  Term Friend and more. You can state any words about friend from you until you go to the world Best Friend. Let try to count how many Long Term Friend do you have?

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  1. I have few enemies, and even fewer friends.. lol. Basically a friend is a companion other than a girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or a wife.

    1. That's true. It's the reason why in this social we separate who is real , business , chilly and etc.