27 Heavens

วันอาทิตย์ที่ 28 เมษายน พ.ศ. 2556


2-3 days ago, I celebrated my new job by going to buy some clothes for work and glasses at H&M. I exactly know that the bright light show the real skin on the mirror but I rare though about my age when I felt I was in the young group while my face looks like a boy. I changed my theory after I saw my skin on H&M mirror 's fitting room. I fuckin' needed to scream when I saw my imperfect hair shape on my face while my skin on the face and back suck.

I had never had the skin like this since I was 15, I used to have the problem about pimple due to homo. I rare noticed the effect after Songkarn, hung out, slept late and drank too much were going to damage my 28th skin. It imagines me to the age 30 that what is holly shit going on. However, I bough 2 shirts and 1 suit there.

I am going to blame the climate in Thailand which  made my skin feeling shit with a lot of sweat and I maintain in 60-61 kg ( That is the best maintain in my life after 17 which my weight used to go down to 51 kg. ) I feel shit with the bad skin but my proposal is negative. I bough the skin lotion but I haven't opened it from the pack. It hanged on the shopping back almost 3 weeks already.

Why I damage my skin? I don't know. I just know that my recover energy is going to different from the younger age. I can get fat easier soon after I lost my 6 packs and become almost the normal body now. Work out Work out

วันอาทิตย์ที่ 21 เมษายน พ.ศ. 2556


28th years in my life, I can say that I passed immature, weakness and fragile period for being blooming and shining in mature time.  However, mature life has still had the part of fragile time when I met somebody that I used to know after 5 months broke up and had never ever contacted for 4 months. For sure, he deleted me from his LINE and Whatsapp

It's so funny, I hanged out with a friend and coincided to meet him to sit at the bar opposite me. He started saying , " Hi, are you ok? "  What's the hack on?  Stop to damage me with that friendly word if we have never been a friend. He makes me feel missing him so much. I just answered  some words and walked away with a new better friend. Finally, I met him and his mate in front of the disco avenue, again but I just walked away from him.

5 months ago, I found him everywhere which i though he might be but he had never been there until I gave up and forgot him. Why he appeared in Friday and Saturday nights? I hated him especially he made me find his line and whatsapp and knew that he deleted mine. I started calling him Saturday morning due to my stupid idea that I should be nice and should  friendly talk with him but useless. He didn't pick up a phone while he didn't call back.How bitches he is?

Finally, I met him again at the other side of my hanging out place, He sat on the table in the back of me and worn favorite t-shirt style.... Damn.. why we have the same style and why he sat there. I hate him. He made me try to look at him although he moved in side of the same bar and talked with others. I watched him while I was in the birthday party and dating. I can't say, he ruined my days, he might make me happy to see him , again although I was unhappy much.

วันอาทิตย์ที่ 14 เมษายน พ.ศ. 2556


I surprise every times when I sit and notice myself that how  I change about mature, idea and everything ( including age and line ;-( ) . I passed the child tween and teenager and transform to be mature  with  100 times  for heart broken , cheated, challenged and passion. It makes me believe that nobody dies for " LOVE " when God created 3,000 million people to born to love you. The powerful word is  " Live and Learn to Love yourself before you love each others ".
That's true , we are a man ,so it's normal to get devastate when we meet someone in our life and feel " Yah, he/she is perfect for me."  Experience tough me that we might think by ourselves. Sometimes, we can fit only the first time when we meet. Finally, we gonna say " No" or stop the relation. If we don't do first, the opposite will start to do it.

Experience tough me to love myself more than going down to fight with bitches/ prostitutes who live and learn to love for  surviving.  We have never tough to do that, it's not our job. I must not surprise when I lost with those bitches and whores. I got the well-education enough to take care myself and recover quickly than you guys know. Finally, I just anticipate that my lover will be back although it's only 1%.

I can change for fit with my honey but I am honest that I mustn't change all for you. I can't be stupid to sit and smile. I'm not innocent enough to do it. If you need a guy who can't fight  with you, no idea , just go for him, It's not me. I can look pass or close one eye for something but don't think, you can do it. Sorry, I love myself.

I'm sorry, I can't wait you over 1 week. It's enough for me. If you don't have the signal or something want me to wait you. Please, stop hurt me. My heart and my body got pain enough and don't wanna absorb it anymore. My pool is smaller when I am older. I'm not in the young group anymore. I don't have more choice like 1o years ago.

 If you go, I just say goodbye, see ya. I can't cry more for love. It's enough for me. I learn to love myself and don't wanna wait my tear for you.


วันจันทร์ที่ 25 กุมภาพันธ์ พ.ศ. 2556

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Ep 2 - In the Client Perception

    The new cycle of America's Next Top Model is coming on TV . The special in this cycle is the concept " Boys & Girls " which we can see half of the competitor is the boy and sure, it make the competition is hotter. We can cheer and vote our favorite models and sure, make Tyla 's show has the higher rating from the sponsor. However,  I will not spoil the show due to it hasn't shown yet but Tyla releases the photo for the vote every week.  I came late for the first episode pics , I will start to critic from this week until the show end.

This week, the concept is like something 3some hahahaha.. but I love the idea to make all pic look fab with black and white color let  with my one of fav model  as Alessandra Ambrosio and Tyla 's lover ( ? ), Rob Evan, see that who in & Out below


First of all , In the whole picture, Alex stole the scene of  Marvin & Chela, both of them look like the extra but I gonna focus on the competitor, I will be back to focus on Marvin, Marvin should attend in his body curve more. If he moved lower body closer Chela  about 2-3 cm and held her waist , it must be more perfect. I love his mouth , eyes and facial Expression. I think, he can improve in the longer.

Buy It:  7/10  


 Chela  looks so amateur in the picture if I compare with Alex and Marvin, her face and eyes are nothing, she lose her neck. Her right hand position is useless. If she touch Marvin's shoulder or any part of his body, I think, it look better. Moreover, she looks like big mama who has a young lover.

Buy It: 4.5/10


Renee 's body language is very impression,but her eyes are nothing. The look like nothing, She just looks forward  and waits the photographer to take it. She can make this picture look like in Vogue or  L' Official if she has the time to learn about face expression or some acting.

BUY IT: 7/10


Jordan makes me stunning when she her picture, she makes it look like the photo in the couture brand. I read some comment on ANTM 's website, they talk about her arm and her sitting position. For me, it can be bracelet or necklet ad. I think, it's not bad if it's not clothes ad. ;-)

Buy It: 8.5/10


 This pic, I impress with Phil and Jeramy's face but my Alexandra still dominates. Who care, it can put on DNA magazine or ID magazine . I like facial expression of Phil so much, his body language is gorgeous and make me feel that he is under Alex' control. The funny thing is milk drop of the Phil's side make this pic is yes. I love it!

Buy It: 8/10


Jeremy facial expression and eyes are hot but it can't help. C'mon you are a model h just sex appeal is not enough.  If this one is the best pic of him ( I hope, it will have better pics of him  but this pic is the best of pair ).

Buy it: 6/10


It's damn hot, so high fashion. I love her body language and face imprssion and everything. Just a bit thing, if  her left leg do 4 cros legs, it  should  be sexier. It feels like a perfume ad.

Buy It: 9.5/10



I call this pic that "Cory Transformer". He looks manly and cheekbone is hot. Your pose is cool, he just change the hand position a bit, it doesn't look comfortable ( coz she is awoman? ). I like his triangle standing, he reminds me to  a dancer.

Buy it: 8.5/10 


Mike, Mike, Mike... Yes, he collaborates very well with Alexandra. Every part of his body is matching and great.  This pic can sell everything.

Buy it: 10/10  


Canani reminds me to young Tyla. Her cheek bone, face and sure body language. She sells everything which she wears. However, I can say that this pic is commercial.

Buy it: 10/10


Jiana's face is awesome but her low body is not good. It's good that she makes me look at her but she must be work harder. The right awkward looks uncomfortable at all. but it's better than put her hand down and lose half of it in the photo except the photographer must cut  Alexandra half body or something like that. it's the hard position for 3 people , 1 stand, 2 laid down one.

Buy it:  7.5/10 ( coz of face and hard for put 3 people in different position )

Chris H.

Like, I said in  Jiana's comment. It's hard position for 3 . His pose is " what? " . I can't see anything, can't see his jeans or his half body. It's like he is a prey of sinking board who  tried to catch anything he can.I think, it's one of weakness pic in this week but his facial expression is good.

Buy It:  5/10

His pose makes me remind to Cory's pose but look more comfortable and better. His pic looks good but it was killed by Rob ( Hey, Rob.. make he was born! ) Cory's pic is more stunning because of Rob's pose, his height and his face expression. He loses a bit point due to Rob :-(

Buy It: 7.5/10

Alex's body language, facial expression is nice. She is fierce and good body language. The problem is still Rob. It's like her and Rob's scene and Don is extra.

Buy It: 8/10  

The Most Value Pic in this week:

I love both of 3 although I can't delete the white wark on Mike's face. Congratulation! You two have still been in the next top model.

Score: 9.5/10

วันศุกร์ที่ 22 กุมภาพันธ์ พ.ศ. 2556


        Thai culture makes us look nice and friendly with neighbors and foreigners. We smile and be polite with them although  they are stranger or we rare know them. It's the strongest point for  the sexy word " Siam Smile "  for us. In the other hand , it's the tragedy of the word " Friend "  (เพื่อน ( Phean ) ) in The Land of Smile. In English, Friend is a kind of Specific word and very very special , I have never heard any Native speaker uses the word Class Friend, Room Friend, Working Friend and any words about friend in their native English ( or they have? please amend me ), they uses the word as  classmate, roommate, mate, colleague , co-worker while in Thai language , we  put the word  " Friend" in every collaborated relation words as  Phean Roum Ngan ( Colleague , Co-Worker), Phen Rum Hong ( Classmate ) and etc. So, I separate  2 kinds of  Friend 

Short Term Friend :  Just know  at the bars, restaurants, trip , schools or dealing in the business. Youjust hang out together sometimes or once or twice in our life or deal for some jobs. They can come and go, missing contact, any times.  It's easy to delete on Facebook ( Mostly, I got delete ) but some can extend the relation and switch to be long.It becomes SOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW but not feel anything much.

Long Term Friend : Know a long time in the different situations. It's the up level of  Short Term  Friend but the relation more closer, keeping contact, more sharing, no cheating and supporting , and must be at least 2 years ( some people give  5 -10 years probation ). This group hasn't had the chance to switch back to be Short Term Friend,but it becomes  SOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW ,feel like shit but still have some chance to return.

      Facebook is the  great example, we always add a lot of people who we talk and know or maybe not know. If we don't know them. They delete us, it's ok while you used to do some activities, studying or work with them and they delete you after you don't have the contact with them or you still keep contact but not like a favorite one, it means that you are not important in  their life.  In the business world, I got this one in Pattaya, a lot of foreign clients call me ' Friend" while I rare know them and for sure, no more discount ;-). 

     Moreover, Friend still has the section as Biz Friend, Good Friend, Close Friend, Fuck Friend ( someone may have it ;-) ) , Real Friend,  Middle Long and Short  Term Friend and more. You can state any words about friend from you until you go to the world Best Friend. Let try to count how many Long Term Friend do you have?

วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 21 กุมภาพันธ์ พ.ศ. 2556

How Hard To Write Your Life Story in the Young Age

After I stated on my facebook that I would re-write my story, again. One comment is very interesting  that " I'm old enough to to tell  about my life? " . That question is very good idea, it makes me keep writing my blog although I don't write / don't update everyday/ nobody interests to read it.  Who know next 10 years . when I return to read my blog, I might laugh or cry about my  story or maybe see the change of the word as the language or emotional symbol. :-)

I think, If I'm 10 years older, I will not have  time or no idea to write something like this. It's not negative as I have the financial crisis. I feel,  I will no idea to write about it or  I might forget what's happened when i was young. Young age should be the most interesting period because we are Asian, our young age will be the end after we are 30 years old ( Some people might feel 25-26 yr very old ) , it means we  have the young age shorter than European /American countries which people think, 30 is still young.  In the other case, I may have some part of my life more mature than people in the same age.  If you think, Sex, Drug , Roll n' Roll was the normal life for my young age . No, No, No...I used to be very very quiet and feared a stranger before. So, my perception was different from other people in the same or almost same age for sure.

One more thing . I  am a bit lucky which I was born in the period when the world was changing and US dollar only 21-22 baht/dollar and Australian dollar only 8-9 baht/dollar. I use to touch the first Nintendo, played the first gameboy in the world and enjoy with classy music in 80's + 90's . My parents watched Iraq news the whole day in early 90's. See the peak economy of Japan and Asia and bubble economy of Asia due to Tom Yum Kung Disease, got insulted by a drunk journalist about my generation when I was 9 years old.  Is it enough to write everything to be 1 story/ topic?  :-)

วันเสาร์ที่ 16 กุมภาพันธ์ พ.ศ. 2556

Furby , Furby and Furby

      In this week, everybody in Thailand got the news about Furby buyer got cheated to  buy a cheap Furby. If you don't know what is that. Furby is kind of  a digital pet which have the behave and can react to you when you touch, feed and talk with it. It has  its own language ( it's called Furbiee Language, you can check the meaning from Furby Dictionary ). If you talk with it, it can learn your language ( Only in English ) and communicate with you. Moreover, You can connect it with the Iphone or Android app for dictionary, give more yummy food and etc.. The cool thing, the eyes are LED while my TV only Plasma.. LOL

       Furby Effect causes  Thai celeb  take it to Intragram. That's the best PRs for the product due to it booms in feel day.  The buyer in Thailand find the way to get the  great color in the cheaper price as we know Thai company must be charge 120% for the imported product. When anyone sells it cheaper and  have more color. It's allowed and goof enough for risk. So, they lose for 4-6 million baht now.

      When I saw Furby, it makes me think about  digital robotic pet that  nowadays,  the life style of Asian people change, the most condos and apartments don't allow the pet. When no good friend at home. Furby is one of the best choice coz it  reacts. However, Furby fever used to be in Thailand when I was in Jr. high school before.  I have never had it one and feel it's not my type but it's fine if anyone gives it to me. Hehhehehe...