27 Heavens

วันอาทิตย์ที่ 14 เมษายน พ.ศ. 2556


I surprise every times when I sit and notice myself that how  I change about mature, idea and everything ( including age and line ;-( ) . I passed the child tween and teenager and transform to be mature  with  100 times  for heart broken , cheated, challenged and passion. It makes me believe that nobody dies for " LOVE " when God created 3,000 million people to born to love you. The powerful word is  " Live and Learn to Love yourself before you love each others ".
That's true , we are a man ,so it's normal to get devastate when we meet someone in our life and feel " Yah, he/she is perfect for me."  Experience tough me that we might think by ourselves. Sometimes, we can fit only the first time when we meet. Finally, we gonna say " No" or stop the relation. If we don't do first, the opposite will start to do it.

Experience tough me to love myself more than going down to fight with bitches/ prostitutes who live and learn to love for  surviving.  We have never tough to do that, it's not our job. I must not surprise when I lost with those bitches and whores. I got the well-education enough to take care myself and recover quickly than you guys know. Finally, I just anticipate that my lover will be back although it's only 1%.

I can change for fit with my honey but I am honest that I mustn't change all for you. I can't be stupid to sit and smile. I'm not innocent enough to do it. If you need a guy who can't fight  with you, no idea , just go for him, It's not me. I can look pass or close one eye for something but don't think, you can do it. Sorry, I love myself.

I'm sorry, I can't wait you over 1 week. It's enough for me. If you don't have the signal or something want me to wait you. Please, stop hurt me. My heart and my body got pain enough and don't wanna absorb it anymore. My pool is smaller when I am older. I'm not in the young group anymore. I don't have more choice like 1o years ago.

 If you go, I just say goodbye, see ya. I can't cry more for love. It's enough for me. I learn to love myself and don't wanna wait my tear for you.