27 Heavens

วันอาทิตย์ที่ 21 เมษายน พ.ศ. 2556


28th years in my life, I can say that I passed immature, weakness and fragile period for being blooming and shining in mature time.  However, mature life has still had the part of fragile time when I met somebody that I used to know after 5 months broke up and had never ever contacted for 4 months. For sure, he deleted me from his LINE and Whatsapp

It's so funny, I hanged out with a friend and coincided to meet him to sit at the bar opposite me. He started saying , " Hi, are you ok? "  What's the hack on?  Stop to damage me with that friendly word if we have never been a friend. He makes me feel missing him so much. I just answered  some words and walked away with a new better friend. Finally, I met him and his mate in front of the disco avenue, again but I just walked away from him.

5 months ago, I found him everywhere which i though he might be but he had never been there until I gave up and forgot him. Why he appeared in Friday and Saturday nights? I hated him especially he made me find his line and whatsapp and knew that he deleted mine. I started calling him Saturday morning due to my stupid idea that I should be nice and should  friendly talk with him but useless. He didn't pick up a phone while he didn't call back.How bitches he is?

Finally, I met him again at the other side of my hanging out place, He sat on the table in the back of me and worn favorite t-shirt style.... Damn.. why we have the same style and why he sat there. I hate him. He made me try to look at him although he moved in side of the same bar and talked with others. I watched him while I was in the birthday party and dating. I can't say, he ruined my days, he might make me happy to see him , again although I was unhappy much.